Simpang Renggam Pineapple Farm Photo Outing

Pineapple Farm Group Photo

Simpang Renggam Pineapple Farm


3 responses to “Simpang Renggam Pineapple Farm Photo Outing

  1. 这一次到黄梨园参加群体拍摄活动真的有另一番收获,看着各位大师拿着相机在黄梨园里追逐拍摄工人在采收黄梨,大家在积极拍摄的神情,追捕美丽的镜头,真的能感受到一起拍摄的欢乐.清晨在黄梨园有浓浓的雾,再加上那美丽的朝阳,真是美丽极了.老板娘让我们品尝到第一时间采收的黄梨,有一股更香甜及新鲜的感觉.

  2. hello! wow, im thinking of visiting the pineapple farm. do you have the contact number of the farm?? thanks in advance!!

    • Hello I am Jacky photography society member. the pineapple farm is not open for public, but we can try to contact the office to give you latest information. Thank you.

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